Troll 2 (Band) – Nobody Cares, July 2014 (USA)

« There’s no lead singer. That’s too much pressure »

« Troll 2 plays this kind of grimy folk music for the most part. They call themselves scumfolk. That’s a pun. They stole it from this dude from Weymouth. I think they’re hoping that it’ll catch on. It sums up their sound pretty good though. A lot of traditional influences with some contemporary edge, a little out of control, a little bit of a mess…kind of like that movie about the goblins that turn people into plants and eat them. »


« Troll 2 is an acoustic band from Boston. They’re pretty cool. They started out kind of as the house band of this arts collective type place called the Monkey Palace. There’d be shows there, and open mics, and that’s really where it all started. Brian Fitzgerald used to live there, he’s the upright bass player in Troll 2. He’s really good. He and Chris O’Grady knew each other from way back, and they’d played together before. Their original idea was to do an acoustic doom metal band, but that kind of changed a little bit somewhere down the line. Chris is the guitar player, he’s a little weird. He’s also writing this bio right now, and he’s getting a little uncomfortable with all this writing in third-person so let’s move on. Mark Files Schwaller joined the band next. He’s a wicked good guitar player he thought he’d try something different, so he’s playing the mandolin. I think it’s working out pretty well. And then Zoe-Rose Scott de Paz joined the band. She’s this amazing singer and fiddle player. There’s no lead singer. That’s too much pressure. »

Brian Fitzgerald – Upright Bass, Vocals
Chris O’Grady – Guitar, Vocals
Mark Files Schwaller – Mandolin, Vocals
Zoe Rose DePaz – Fiddle, Vocals

Emanuelle in the Country – Magnum Ent. VHS (USA)

« This is a rare foray into the “sex comedy” genre for the Emanuelle series. An uncommon Magnum Entertainment release (…) This item comes with a VERY RARE promo item that was provided by the distributor to video stores at the time of its 1985 release. The “Hi-Energy Vitamins” (heart-shaped redhots) were recommended for “stamina before viewing and after.” This is the only such example of promo item we’ve seen and due to the edible nature of this item, we doubt there are many of these in circulation. (WE DO NOT RECOMMEND EATING THESE CANDIES…they just turned 30 years old!!) » (

Source Images : ICI