Quad Cinema Posters Prototypes (U.K)

moviepostermem.com : « An original artwork prototype (8 1/4″x 11 3/4 ») for the 1982 sex film double-bill of « Emanuelle In America » & « Black Emanuelle Goes East » by the artist Sam Peffer. Although very roughly conceived, the design bears a close comparison to the finished Quad poster, the tag-lines being kept & the central images retained (Ms Gemser cross-legged on the right & pictured on the right against the backdrop of a NY skyline). Peffer was paid £165 for his rough & the finished art & the print run was 500 only. Sold with the artwork here are several reference pieces used on the job. » (MEM)

moviepostermem.com : « Finished original Quad poster artwork (17″x 23 ») for « Emmanuelle 2 ». The artwork here is essentially photographic, consisting of the iconic image of a topless Ms Kristel with an acupuncture needle in her lip. The original marked up acetate overlay survives with title script & provocative tag-lines, this all affixed to artboard. The annotation to the artboard reveals an initial print run of 2,000 posters. There is a further paper overlay upon which is an instruction to « keep your eye on this nipple » (the title script was subsequently shifted to obscure this intimate feature of Ms Kristel’s anatomy). There is some slight water damage but this piece can still be framed to very good effect. NB. Due to the size of this item a supplementary P&P charge will be required (W). » (MEM)

moviepostermem.com : « Two production photos ( 3 1/2″x 4 3/4″ & 8″x 10 » respectively) showing the Sam Peffer artwork for the Quad poster for « Mondo Erotica » (this in colour) & the 2nd showing the Peffer artwork for the double-bill including « Confessions of a Prostitute ». The artwork is pictured without the text, which would have been added later on an acetate overlay. » (MEM)

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Hemerocallis ‘Black Emanuelle’ (Netherlands)


NatureHills.com : « The Hemerocallis ‘Black Emanuelle’, also known as a Daylily, is closest to black we have ever seen ! Produces flowers 5′ across and is semi-evergreen. A mid-season bloomer, it is carefree and colorful. These daylilies have been developed for their vibrant long-lasting color. They provide an amazing number of beautiful blooms on tall stems. Prefers a full sun area that is well-drained. Add a perennial home improvement-Plant Daylilies ! »

« Although the blooms will last only for one day, there are many blooms on strong stems that rise above tall grassy foliage, (remove in late fall). Use ‘Black Emanuelle’ for cut flowers, massing, edging, in borders or in mixed containers and tubs. »

Hybridiser: Heemskerk / Year Registered: 2006 / Description: Black purple self above green throat

Plant Facts

Family Hemerocallis ‘Black Emanuelle’
Mature Height 30 inches
Zones 3-10
Moisture Average – Well drained
Mature Form Upright Spikes
Growth Rate Fast
Sun Exposure Full Sun to Partial Shade
Flower Color Black
Bulb Type Tuberous root
Bulb Spacing 18 – 24 inches
Flowering Period July

NatureHills.com : http://www.naturehills.com/daylily-black-emanuelle

Photo : http://hemerocalles.canalblog.com/