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Joe D’Amato – Gorezone n°14, 18 & 33 (USA)

Gorezone n°14, juin 1990 – Article : « A guy named Joe »

Gorezone n°18, 1991 – Interview : « Man of a 1.000 pseudonyms »

Gorezone n°33, 2014 – Interview A.Tentori : « Written in blood »

Joe D’Amato [Interview] – Shivers n°2 & 3, 1992 (U.K)

– Morceaux choisis –

« I feel i have enough experience in all technical areas to make up for my lack of preparation. I used to be much more hard to please (…) I think i’m hooked on this way of filming now. I need to improvise everything quickly. »

« When i was making those post-Apocalyptic movies, we created our special effects from leftover weapons from spaghetti westerns and old gas cylinder. »

« It’s a classic giallo about a policeman who hires a homophobic maniac, who murders homosexuals, to kill his own gay son. »

« It was designed to be a standard zombie cash-in. Then we decided to add sex and comedy and went too far in both directions (…) The zombie indulging in anal intercourse with the lead actress was too ridiculous for words. »

« Lucio is as surprised as i am that Door To silence isn’t selling very well abroad (…) The fault isn’t Lucio’s as the final result is very good. I think the problem rests with star John Savage who’s too overexposed these days. »

« Do you remember the movie Patrick ? Well, it’s similar to that except this time a woman is raped by three Nazi skinheads and falls into a coma. »

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